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I am an Intuitive therapist specializing in the holistic treatment of career fatigue and burnout. I use spiritual practices, energetic healing and psychotherapeutic modalities to assists clients in identifying their source of career anxiety and burnout, recognize the areas they are most depleted, provide coping strategies to support them in their work and Activate them back into their Passion center. Oftentimes, we find ourselves at a point of disconnection from our initial excitement about our work and sense of purpose. Whether it's due to increased pressures and work demands, a toxic culture in the work environment, or being undervalued and underpaid, it can begin to wear on our body, mind and spirit.
Our initial reaction is to quit or maybe seek a promotion, try another employer. Yet, we still find ourselves in the same place of overwhelm and burnout. Why is this? Because we're trying to fix something from the outside in instead of the inside out. We need to take time to replenish your energy, renew your spirit, change your narrative around worth and value, and stoke the flames of your passion once again. This is what my team and I are dedicated to offering you as we have witnessed the first hand transformations of our clients.
Modalities include:
Sound Healing
Guided meditation
Solution focused therapy
Narrative therapy
Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)

If any of this resonates with you, you will find a link below to schedule a free discovery session to explore our services further.

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