Anxiety, hopelessness, irritability, distrust, trouble sleeping, lack of motivation, and low self-esteem are all signals that your body is trying to process and cope with something. Your past experiences and present environment shape the way new dynamics, trauma, interpersonal relationships, and loss affect you and this is different for each person. You may notice changes in your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings; perhaps new physical symptoms. Disruptions in connection, contentment, confidence, and peace happen in life. Together, we will identify your body’s signals, and the areas of your life you would like to be different.

I have specialized training and experience using research-based EMDR, CPT and CBT. By integrating these therapies I am able to tailor the therapeutic process to meet you where you are. I provide a safe space where as a guide, I will help you untangle overwhelming thoughts, heal from past hurts, overcome fears, and discover ways to make lasting change.

The way you feel does not have to be permanent. Change is possible and you do not have to figure it out alone. I believe you deserve to define for yourself what it means to thrive and you have the potential to attain whatever that may be. I welcome the honor to support you and invite you to call me to schedule your appointment today.

My practice is open to residents of Texas and New York.

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