Are you unsettled with a superhero cape that is weighing you down? Do you look like you have it all together, but you're secretly dealing with issues? Are you the one that people turn to for help with their problems, but you are to afraid or embarrassed to ask for help yourself? It is very easy to become consumed with trying to have it all, pretending to be okay, and putting others first. Unfortunately, the sacrifice of neglecting yourself, carrying emotional baggage from unaddressed pain, trauma, anger, and unhappiness, can lead to you feeling depleted physically, financially and mentally.

I specialize in helping individuals heal from challenges such as depression, anxiety, career frustration, low self-esteem, poor work/life balance, stress, childhood trauma, and the "Super Hero Complex." Let's discover the underlying issue(s) and move forward. If this sounds like you, let's work together.

My style is calm, practical, attentive and discerning. I'm committed to creating a safe and encouraging environment for you to set positive intentions and to find ways to achieve your goals. I'm an empathetic and insightful listener. I will require your active participation during our time together so that you may experience relief and solutions.

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