Wilmington, North Carolina 28401, United States


I specialize in helping people uncover ways to better navigate anxiety, low mood, and other difficulties (e.g., life transitions, self-doubt, low motivation, self-care) with more flexibility, awareness, self-compassion, and purpose. I earned my MSW in Social work from Adelphi University and now I am Licensed Clinical Social Worker in NC. I have received extensive training in the latest evidence-based treatments for anxiety, trauma, and depression (e.g., TF-CBT& CBT). The therapies I offer- in addition to being effective treatments for anxiety and mood disorders I provide a set of valuable tools for anyone interested in enhancement of well-being and personal growth.

The approaches I use are designed to help you better respond to difficult thoughts and feelings so that they have less influence over you and your life, access awareness and connection to the present moment, and take actions that move you toward what matters to you, rather than engaging in behaviors that leave you feeling cemented or unfulfilled.

I customize my approach to support your treatment needs, and aim to bring compassion, curiosity, and openness to our work together, as we move towards the therapy goals that you identify as most important to you. For more information, please reach out for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

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