Unapologetically nontraditional human being here! I am an unfinished product, a deep thinker, unconventional, and practicing how to consistently face the difficult thing in my path--my own mindscape!

I am most passionate about learning and growing with young, modern and progressive women of color, who want to get out of the restrictive, straight-white-male-patriarchal-anxiety-laden box and radically re-envision who they are and what they can do.

My clients typically have chronic worry, perfectionism, and a lot of responsibility. Rights like self-compassion, quality sleep, and setting boundaries often feel like luxuries, but they know their own worth and what they bring to the table. They are highly driven and accomplished individuals who want to embrace their diversity and authenticity as their whole way of being.

Therapy is a collaborative, high-trust relationship where we learn and grow. We prioritize, make space, and consistently challenge the difficult things in our path, so we can be seen, heard and fulfilled. We cultivate abundance, tell our stories honestly, and transform our fears into workable actions.

When I am not in session, I enjoy making memories by travelling abroad, relaxing with movies at the theater, and spending all my money on fine vegetarian cuisine, coffee and chocolate. I also enjoy the company of my two small dogs and my husband.

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