Are you tired of feeling raggedy, overwhelmed, or disconnected? Are you tired of having to be too many things to too many people? Are you ready to take control of your sense of self? Are you ready to be your most authentic self? Let’s work together! Will we explore your emotional, mental, spiritual and behavioral patterns that cause a disconnect in your relationship with self, others and different aspects of your life. In session I am direct, honest and straight forward. We will pair traditional therapy with complementary and alternative practices that may include: trauma sensitive yoga, breathwork, & meditation to name a few.

I enjoy using aspects of spirituality, hypnotherapy & complementary practices to work through concerns surrounding depression, anxiety, stuck energy, low self-worth, & limited self-awareness. I offer this in conjunction with traditional therapy to work to find the core root that has manifested into depression, anxiety, physical pain or spiritual disconnect.

In session we will work together to seek out and heal blocks from a space of truth, honesty, compassion and love. We will work to discover your truest self that may be clouded by constant mental clutter and/or emotional pain. We will bring awareness to what has been hidden behind the mask you wear daily and the pain you secretly hide in your heart.

I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Meditation Teacher and a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia. I enjoy holding space for women to take control/ownership of their bodies and learn ways to regulate their emotions. Together we will decide how to move forward in you awakening your most true and authentic self.

My practice is 100% self pay and I am unable to take any insurances.
Please contact me via email for your free 15 minute consult!

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