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You are powerful, but it doesn’t always feel that way. The stress and anxiety of what’s happening in the world—and in your life—right now is overwhelming. Sometimes it seems you’re surrounded by people who can’t see all of you or what you’re enduring. Maybe you don’t let others get too close for fear of being abandoned, judged, or hurt if people knew the real you. You may be pouring from an empty cup and its beginning to show. Or is it that you're tired of being the "strong one" that your loved ones so often overlook? Whatever the cause, the result is the same—loneliness, isolation, fear, frustration, and sadness. You've been everyone's "everything" for so long, but who is there for you? You realize something must change for you to feel more confident and more like yourself, but you aren’t sure what or how.

You are more resilient than you know, and I’m here to help you make the changes that you’ve been wanting and needing to make. My goal is to empower and embolden you to look at what isn’t working and take steps to change it. You can feel better, and I want to collaborate with you to start to building the life you want. Together, we can work toward restoration, renewal, and a bottomless refill of that empty cup. Your better tomorrow begins now!

My specialty is working with adolescents and adults. Our practice specializes in working with People of Color, queer (gay/bi/lesbian), and trans clients, and I use a cultural intersectional lens to ensure that all of your identities are affirmed. I am currently accepting new clients via telehealth with plans to return to in-person sessions in the future.

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