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So you're thinking about counseling, huh?

Are you feeling stressed, depressed, or hopeless? Have you experienced an abrupt profound change in mood due to COVID? Are you experiencing extreme pressure of being an athlete? Are you struggling with anxiety or fear of the unknown? Are you sabotaging relationships and you don't know why? Is your relationship in need of a major tune-up?

If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions but still reluctant about counseling for the following or more reasons -

"I don't want to talk to a stranger about all my personal problems.”
"Counseling costs too much.”
"It won't help anyway."
"I don't have the time."
"No one will ever understand what I am going through."

Take heart, you're not alone - others have the same thoughts. Therapy isn't the stereotypical picture of you lying on a couch talking about how you were potty-trained. Quality counseling can help you gain a better understanding of what's going on in your situation and inside yourself. As a client, you are looking for relief from the struggles and heartaches you are experiencing in life. Seeking help for those struggles is a sign of strength, demonstrating your desire to live a more full and happy life. In finding this help, you can spend less time feeling consumed and spend more time enjoying your family, friends, and life pursuits.

As a therapist who has a great passion for working with others, I will assist you with identifying and changing self-defeating patterns, develop more effective ways of coping with life's challenges, and build on the strengths possessed and move towards the development of a more fulfilling & productive life.

As a psychotherapist and owner of Elevated Minds LLC, I have over 15 years of clinical experience providing individual and couples counseling and life coaching services. I have been trained to assist clients with a wide range of concerns such as anger management, anxiety and mood disorders, racial trauma, life transitions, parenting, relationship issues, as well as various other issues that impair one’s quality of life. Karen works collaboratively with each client to identify the underlying sources of their emotional distress, to identify and change self-defeating patterns in their relationships, and to develop more effective ways of coping with life’s challenges.

Elevated Minds LLC is built on the principle that a person's problems are multidimensional and must be addressed using various perspectives. The problems may stem from their own individual characteristics, family, a peer group, problems in school, work or community or, in most cases, a combination of some or all of those things. The Elevated Mind LLC model calls for simultaneously addressing all of those areas.

The philosophy of Elevated Minds LLC is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that promotes and enhances learning through broad and interrelated areas of development. Each of these areas of development encompasses a variety of desired learning competencies, which in turn are comprised of specific knowledge, attitudes and skills.

It is the goal of Elevated Minds LLC to assist clients build on the strengths they already possess and move towards the development of a more fulfilling and productive life.

I look forward to working with you soon.

Cost per Session: $100 (individual, 45-min session); $150 (couples, 60-min session)
Sliding Scale: No
Pay By: Cash, Mastercard, Visa, HSA, FSA, Loveland Foundation vouchers

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