Good Day. I'm Karen. Learning how to cope with change can be difficult. Are there times where you feel as if friends and family misunderstand you? Do you find yourself struggling with change making it hard to adapt to new environments? If so, I am here to help!

I have worked in social services and mental health for over 10 years. As a Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor for over 7 years, I have collaborated with agencies and organizations within New York City area to address the needs of individuals and families; including those who are struggling to heal from the impact of anxiety, depression and various addictions that can cause damage to the lives of both young people and adults alike.

When collaborating with an individual, I provide support no matter your socio-economic, cultural, ethnic, educational, and other personal backgrounds. I am particularly sensitive to clients facing moments of transition, such as stress, loss, academic issues, employee issues, coping skills, marriage and family conflict; when the delicate balance can seem to tremble, and symptoms of anxiety, depression, and self-doubt can emerge.

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