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Are you craving change? Feeling stuck? You don't want things to go on like this and you're wondering if seeking help will really make a difference. You may have already chosen to accept that this is the way things have to be.

You wouldn't believe the incredible amount of change that is possible when you take the time to intentionally invest in yourself. I can walk you through a process of deep and meaningful healing and together we can help you build a healthier happier life. In partnering with me you will be able to discover wellness and holistic healing in the places that hurt the most.

You will emerge from therapy feeling confident, strong, and empowered. You'll no longer carry the weight of your past hurts and wounds. You'll be equipped to engage in healthier more fulfilling relationships.

Change does not happen without intentionality. Don't lose any more time wondering if things can get better. Instead, give yourself the chance you deserve.

I offer individual therapy for individuals transitioning out of a relationship, experiencing parenting concerns, postpartum depression, boundary setting, self esteem, and processing unresolved feelings.

I provide relationship counseling for dating couples, couples considering marriage, couples with children from a previous relationship. Couples therapy creates space todiscuss your concerns, clarify your hopes, and develop effective plans to help you move forward with confidence. Co-parenting couples therapy is designed to help you to embrace coparenting in a way that allows you and your family to thrive.

My clients describe me as warm, empathetic, and direct. I will create space for you to share your story. You may discover yourself in a new way. However, I won’t just sit and listen. I’m here to support you towards movement and the future you’ve been envisioning for yourself. I can’t wait to connect with you.

I value holistic healing, inclusivity, and wellness. My culturally sensitive approach will view you in the context of your unique cultural identity and community.

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