My collaborative approach to wellness allows us to work together to cultivate a relationship where your unique needs can be seen and recognized. Part of our work together will include looking at your identity. More specifically, how does who you are, affect your relationships, and how you experience the world? We are complex people, and I recognize the intricacy of how the layers of who we are, intersect, overlap, and sometimes even conflict.

I have a particular passion for working with Black women who may find themselves struggling to feel heard, represented, and navigate intimacy. Do you find yourself frustrated by being one of the few people who looks like you in your workplace or community? As you navigate careers and relationships, do you feel a sense of isolation, or the constant need to prove yourself? I’m here to support you as you work toward success in your life.

Our society often suggests that we struggle in isolation, and ignore our most natural human impulse to connect to and support one another. Together, we will investigate how to expand upon your network and community, and look at what connections are most meaningful to you. With sex positivity and social justice, our work will be centered on empowerment, finding ways to get your needs met, and making space for joy and pleasure.

I am passionate about providing a non-judgmental space to support growth and resilience and work to highlight and expand upon existing strengths. With compassion and vulnerability, I integrate the mind, body, and community to cultivate a holistic approach to mental health. Looking for support is courageous, and I am excited to sit with you on your journey.

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