Radical Self Love is setting boundaries without feeling guilty. It is putting yourself first instead of second, third, fourth or fifth. It is making those hard decisions now so that you can reap the benefits in the future. Experiencing chronic worry, difficulty concentrating or getting things done? Dealing with a highly stressful situation and struggling to cope? Maybe you are grappling with things that have happened in the past that you have never spoken about to anyone. Let's talk about it as we work together to figure out what motivates you to carry on and focus on those goals that make life worth living.
I specialize in Complex Trauma, Situational Depression, Relationship Issues, School or Job-Related Stress. I use the principles of narrative therapy, CBT, and DBT in order to create the individualized treatment plan that works best for you. Change is hard, but my eclectic and person-centered style can help make those difficult transitions more manageable. I am honored and ready to equip you with the tools necessary to combat those inner demons and personal struggles so that you can come up with useful and realistic life strategies.

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