I work with clients experiencing a broad spectrum of mental health concerns including: historical and lived trauma (primarily related to the African-American experience), relationship concerns, gender-specific issues, and stress and anxiety management. I provide my clients with a safe space to explore and process their unique issues in order to improve their overall functioning. Because of my unique professional background, I am able to understand the concerns of many clients and provide specialized insight in order to help my clients become who they want to be.

I am a licensed therapist (in Georgia and Pennsylvania) who understands those needs and wants to help you. As a certified telehealth provider, I provide a multitude of therapy services from a fully-functioning, HIPAA-compliant platform. The modernization of health care allows practitioners such as myself to not only keep up with new developments but also modernize the way we serve our clients.

As a partner at Yolo Therapy, LLC, my ultimate goal is the well-being of my clients. For various reasons, many clients are unable to access traditional therapy settings but I do not believe that should prevent them from receiving exceptional services. I have catered my practice to the needs of those who need alternative options to therapy and am here to help you.

Practice Details