I help young adult, college student and professional Black and brown women who are facing difficult life transitions, relationship stress, family issues, past trauma, and identity concerns to build a fulfilling life through vulnerability, connection, and self-compassion. I am passionate about supporting ambitious women of color to overcome feelings of “stuckness” from past wounds while they cultivate the professional and personal life of their dreams. I believe that when clients feel connected and have room to authentically share their story, they feel seen and healing can begin. Because of this, I use relational, narrative/storytelling, and mindfulness-based approaches to help clients gain deep clarity into their concerns and to manage the symptoms of anxiety, depression, disconnection, and stress. I specialize in integrative, Black feminist approaches, where I support Black women’s use of the power of vulnerability and self-care to better manage stress, cultivate self-love, and build healthier, reciprocal relationships with others.

Starting the journey to healing through therapy can be daunting, especially for young women who hold marginalized identities, who may have been taught to be “strong” or to ignore mental health. I’m happy to support you in taking this first step of centering your mental and emotional needs, and I look forward to partnering with you to claim the insight, confidence, rest, and joy that you deserve.

I am currently accepting individual clients.

I am an out-of-network provider and do not accept insurance.

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