Are you so used to meeting everyone else’s needs- even as a kid, that you have neglected your own? Has the need for approval and acceptance become the driving force behind your sense of self-worth? Now you find yourself as a mother, wife or friend still not getting cared for the way you need by others?

I am a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in helping high-achieving women walk away from people-pleasing by growing the confidence to put themselves first and discover their own strengthens, values and beliefs without worrying if they'll loose the approval, love an safety of those relationships they value most.

I will teach you how to gain the clarity and confidence necessary to find your voice and put yourself first. We'll also do work around identifying thoughts and behaviors that are preventing you from achieving desired life outcomes. You will learn how to relate to each "PART" of you in a new and healthy way! You will understand how to shift and develop into more positive parts to achieve desired life outcomes.

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