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I help anxious perfectionists, stressed out high-achievers, and women struggling with confidence and self-esteem. Feeling constantly on edge, tense, and keyed up? Maybe you've experienced panic attacks and they're stopping you from enjoying life? You're stressed out and worried that you might "snap" at any moment. It's taking a toll on your family, relationships, and quality of life. If so, I can help. Whether it be traditional therapy in our Montclair office, or our walk and talk therapy option in Bloomfield's Brookdale Park, our goal is to help you reach peace of mind.

"Am I good enough?" "Should I say 'no' more often?" "Why can't I get it right?" These are all questions you ask yourself often. Let's work together to help you stop second guessing and being so hard on yourself and start being more assertive and self-assured.

My goal is to help you experience peace of mind and complete self-acceptance. You'll learn relaxation techniques and gain insight. We can talk about your childhood...or not! I will be a support, but challenge you when necessary. Call to get started!

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