I see online clients in California. I specialize in working with children, families and adult women of color, and women and children who have experienced trauma. My work is trauma-responsive, client-centered, and LGBTQIA+ and ability affirming. I believe each child, family or adult who comes to see me brings experience and knowledge that are strengths. Using these strengths as starting points, we do the work together to move towards healing and improved functioning. I have experience training in a domestic violence shelter, child and adolescent psychiatry department at Kaiser, and with kids and women of color in predominantly white settings. My orientation to therapeutic work is varied and draws from narrative therapy, EMDR, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy as appropriate.

I work with adult women and teens to examine patterns, unearth root causes, and figure out what might no longer be serving them well. Whether you’ve experienced a traumatic event, are feeling unsettled by experiences of being a person of color in the U.S., or want to explore feelings that are impacting you negatively, you don’t have to face it alone.

I help children and families deal with transitions and change of all kinds, whether that be a trauma, the arrival of a new baby, changing schools, parental separation or divorce, a move, or peer bullying. Kids work with me to conquer negative thinking, better regulate their emotional responses, and tell a new story about what is happening. In family work I help parents and guardians of preschool+ aged kids and teens build better relationships with their children and navigate challenging behavior. Together we can put into place systems and routines to support success through a combination of family therapy and parent coaching. Depending on age, I may use play therapy to help clients tell their stories through art, games and play with figures and other toys.

I run three online groups: one for middle-school girls of color in private schools, one for high-school girls of color in private schools, and one for Black women ages 18-25.

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