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When the effects of trauma strikes, it can often happen when you least expect it. Sometimes years have passed then suddenly you are riddled with anxiety or depression. You feel triggered by relatively benign things...Your partner, kids, relationships and job are all sources of triggers. Considers what it would feel like to live without the burden of trauma! You will feel lighter, hopeful, present and engaged with those you love. You will feel freedom like you have never experienced before! You will breathe a sigh of relief and find joy as you started living a wholehearted, abundant life.

Are you ready to learn how to manage your triggers, emotions and reduce anxiety, depression and stress? Do you need to restore balance in your life? I can teach you the skills to reclaim your life and find peace! I am a Trauma (EMDR) & Couples Therapist and I help adults resolve stress, anxiety or depression resulting from trauma or relationship issues

Whether you have a big trauma, small trauma, or relationship trauma, I consider it an honor to walk alongside you as a witness to your journey of healing, transformation and freedom! Finding the right therapist is important to your healing journey. This is why I offer a free consultation to ensure we are the right fit. Please call for your FREE consultation!

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