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Are you looking to heal a relationship or emotional trauma? Or strengthen your current relationship? Are you seeking help navigating new life transitions such as getting married or having a baby? Are you looking to reset your life and break free of depression and anxiety that has been burdening your life? I help couples, parents, mothers and individuals successfully navigate major life transitions, heal trauma and mend broken relationships while teaching each person how to live out their lives abundantly and authentically. Together we break the barriers of guilt and shame that hold you back from living your life wholeheartedly.

When you experience trauma, it tells you something negative about yourself. "You're not good enough, You're unworthy, You're unlovable, You're not smart...etc." As a result of these hidden messages, we find ways to over-compensate for these lies. Maybe you give more in your friendships than you receive and continue to find yourself in one-sided relationships! Maybe you became a perfectionist and are the best at what you do, but still, feel inadequate and anxious. Has trauma said you are not smart, despite excelling at your job or school? Maybe you shrink yourself or put yourself in a box and allow your talents to go unnoticed?

When the effects of trauma strikes, it can often happen when you least expect it. Sometimes years have passed then suddenly you are riddled with anxiety or depression. You feel triggered by relatively benign things...Your partner, kids, relationships and job are all sources of triggers. Considers what it would feel like to live without the burden of trauma!

Are you ready to restore balance in your life? In our sessions together we will unpack where these lies were first formed & how it came to take up space in your mind. I can teach you the skills to reclaim your life and find the peace you deserve! I use (EMDR) to help adults resolve stress, anxiety or depression resulting from trauma or relationship issues. I see clients virtually anywhere in the state of FL. Email today to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation!

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How amazing would you feel if you woke up every day and felt deeply connected to your partner!? Just like you did when you first got married? How would you feel if you were able to freely talk about life and personal stresses without getting triggered, overwhelmed or frustrated with each other? It’s normal for couples to experience periods of disconnection in their relationship. Children, jobs, moving, taking care of family members, health issues, and life in general can draw really good couples apart…It does not mean something is wrong with you…It simply means you are human…But we have good news!! Growing closer to your partner and rebuilding your relationship is possible with the right tools!

Are you ready to build a deeper connection with your partner? Do you wish to create more opportunities for intimate communication with each other? We would like to personally invite you to participate in our upcoming couples coaching small group. This group is limited to 4-6 couples in order to create a safe place to nurture and grow your relationship.

JOIN Authentic Marriages for EIGHT WEEKS for our couples coaching small group designed to help you:

Deepen the connection you feel between you and your partner

Understand yourself and your partner more intimately

Control and stop negative conflict “dances” that causes you to feel disconnected

Appropriately deal with difficult emotions without hurting each other

Understand and communicate your emotions and core needs to your partner without getting emotionally flooded

Communicate positively and deepen intimacy and connection

Shape a positive loving bond that will last