Partnerships produce health and stability when they stem from equality and reflect realities and interests. I believe counseling is a partnership that assists you in exploring and addressing your mental, emotional, and behavioral needs. Being distressed can be caused by various issues and therapy exists to assist you in effectively managing those issues. Treatment should be diverse since the client’s issues are diverse, so treatment is tailored to the client’s particular needs, as opposed to a one size fits all approach. Let’s work together to find solutions to the issues you are experiencing, whatever they might be.

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with 8+ years of experience in the field. I have provided counseling services to people ranging from ages 6 to 82. I have worked in numerous settings such as intensive inpatient, intensive outpatient, severe mental health facilities, outpatient substance abuse, outpatient mental health, and private facilities.

I was born and raised in the Chicagoland area and can relate to the challenges facing those who reside in this country. I am a down to earth, practical, and straight forward counselor. I rely on being empathetic and relatable to build a strong partnership with my clients. I love working with a diverse group of people from all walks of life.

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