Hello, my name is Judy,

Do you feel you are on a constant treadmill? Always moving, yet not going anywhere? Women today are on the move more than ever before. And with it comes burnout, frustration and a loss of a sense of purpose. Life can become overwhelming. Productivity decreasing and joy seemingly impossible to find. How can you change this state of being and create a life full of joy, increased productivity with a definite sense of purpose? This can be achieved with a "renewed mind."

As a Transformation coach and counselor, I will help you identify your limiting beliefs, become aware of who you are, where you desire to be and help you take the action to get there. I use Biblical and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approaches to help you achieve your results.

My desire is to reach out to women to inspire and encourage you to overcome your limiting beliefs and those things holding you back and stagnant. To help you recognize and embrace the gifts and abilities you have within. My goal is to help you realize your passion and potential and provide you with the tools needed to see your passion become a reality.

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