Welcome to my practice. My work values compassion, community, spirituality, creativity, and movement. My work is centered from the understanding that trauma exist and impacts who we are as individuals and communities. Taking a trauma-informed and systemic lens is the center of my work because it continues to be what liberates me in my own wellness and healing. Trauma is held in our body, minds and communities. I center these areas of focus to help move through the trauma we carry individually and collectively. As a systems therapist, I take a perspective and worldview that acknowledges that we are apart of communities that is centered around relational dynamics. Understanding our attachment styles in relationships and our sense of self is beneficial to how we heal in relationships. The systems we are apart of on a macro and micro level are important to healing in collective ways and acknowledging how trauma is maintained.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Oregon and Nevada. I completed my master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy and currently I am in a Doctoral program for Marriage and Family Therapy. I received further education at Portland State University to provide therapy for the foster care and adoption population. I am an active member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. I have experience working with individuals, families, couples, and parent/child dynamics, and specialize in working with adoptive families, especially within transracial adoption. I also work as a university supervisor at Oregon State University, offering group supervision to clinical interns in the Professional Counseling graduate program. As part of my values in collective community engagement and engaging in spaces where accountability, growth, continued education, embodiment practices and relationships are cultivated, I am a regular member of the Therapy that Liberates community, founded by Shawna Murray-Browne.

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