The changes in our lives often make us feel overwhelmed and sad. Perhaps you've been through a heartbreaking divorce or painful breakup; you're a mother desperately needing support and understanding; you're changing careers and feeling uncertain about your future; or you're looking for help breaking unhealthy patterns that hold you back. I've walked down all of these difficult paths and grown as a result, and I'm here to help you along your journey.

I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, certified yoga instructor, and I specialize in yoga-psychotherapy which is a body-centered approach to healing depression, anxiety and trauma. I'm also trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and I utilize other treatment methods depending on the needs of my clients.

I offer individual therapy in a safe and supportive environment where together we can work through whatever challenges you may be facing. My hope is that you not only weather the storms of change, but that you live a full, healthy and contented life. I also offer yoga and wellness workshops and classes.

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