Welcome to Joy360 Wellness! At Joy360 our focus is helping Black Women & BIPOC communities improve their self-esteem and sense of self-worth, heal from past traumas, and gain the confidence to truly LIVE AGAIN and become their best self. At Joy360, we strive to help you gain the tools and skills to better handle life’s stressors and we promote a journey toward living a more mindful life that is aligned with your personal values.

We approach mental health through a holistic and integrative lens where we not only target emotional/behavioral concerns, but also offer nutritional services and support to address any deficiencies, and gut or dietary imbalances that may be contributing to, causing, or exacerbating your mental health symptoms. We treat the whole person. Mind, Body and Spirit.

We specialize in self- esteem, body image, women's issues, Health-related trauma, anxiety, depression, life changes or transitions, Mental Health Nutrition, and helping people with chronic illness learn how to create happier and more fulfilling lives despite their ailments. We provide compassionate, culturally sensitive, Health at Every Size (HAES) aligned, and trauma informed care to all we serve . We are Hope Dealers.

Please feel free to give us a call or email, as one of our therapist would love the opportunity to help you on your journey toward wellness and healing, as you take steps toward living your best life! We offer a full team of Black women therapists, and nutritionists, with different levels of training and experience in diverse areas.

Feel free to check out our team's profiles on our website https://www.joy360wellness.com/team and call us to see which provider or service may be a good fit for you. Therapy services for us and by us! Sis, we've got you!

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