Going through life existing but not living, screaming on the inside but displaying a different image on the outside can feel conflicting. At times, you've felt extremely fragile; as if the pressure of one more thing could break you into a million pieces. Over the years, I've worked with clients who have struggled; going through the motions and taking every opportunity to numb out their feelings for a moment of peace. It's not easy being different and it's definitely not easy using your voice. It actually may feel very lonely, conflicting, and heavy at times. There's no path forward unless you truly know who you are.
I teach people to use their voice, to really get to know themselves. Staying stuck leads to unhealthy patterns, anxiety, depression, unsatisfactory relationships, and that ever-present numbness. Allow me to be a non-judging listening ear and help you increase your own awareness so you can manifest your true desires. You set the pace and I'll support.
Don't allow your need for the familiar to win out in this moment. You have a unique opportunity to move forward. Getting to know yourself may be painful, but it is so necessary and is part of your journey in understanding your life's purpose. You are taking a huge step of courage by seeking support. Keep that momentum and call now!

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