Hello and welcome! Feeling overwhelmed, anxious or unmotivated in your day to day functioning? Maybe even traumatized, in crisis or experiencing chronic mood symptoms; let me help you, help yourself. In this safe space we will work towards you processing your thoughts and feelings out loud to seek solutions, gain perspective and overall mental and emotional healing. Unpack those things in your life that may create mental chaos and instability so you can become your best self and let your joy rise!

With my guidance, we will work together to accomplish your goals using mindfulness techniques, trauma focused and cognitive behavioral therapy and other evidenced based treatment modalities. Ultimately you will be encouraged from a strengths based perspective to focus on what is working in your life versus what isn’t and build from there.

Life in general isn't always easy and it can be intimidating at first to begin mental health therapy, but trust yourself to go through the process; to come out on the other side. I look forward to being a guide to you on your healing journey, don't ever hesitate to reach out.

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