Hi! My name is Morganne. I am an intuitive and holistic therapist & coach. It's nice to meet you!

By training, I am also a licensed clinical social worker and a school psychologist. I am passionate about wholeness for every person and specialize in goal planning and progressing therapy. In our time together, not only do I use clinical expertise, but I’ll also show you the true path to health; which radiates from our eternal nature, and getting connected to your Source.

On my journey, I have worked with adults, children (and their parents), families, & couples. I was trained by Dr. Beck’s colleagues in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and fell in love with having useful skills to partner with others.

This process escalated when I personally discovered the power of holistic healing. Knowing how the mind, body, heart, and Soul are connected, I found ways to help curb anxiety, depression, and common occurrences, like trauma. Systems, intersectionality, communities, advocacy, the planet, healthful foods, the power of belief; and how all of these things are intimately interwoven in the dynamics of health became a reality to me. I now teach people how to elevate their consciousness, and change their frequency, so they can truly have wellness, happiness, wholeness, and real life.

For further information about holistic mental health, intuitive healing, or myself, please take a look at my website, my blog (that highlights intersectionality and mental health for various black identities), or my Twitter page. You can find these resources by looking at my linktree: https://linktr.ee/_morganne_

Please share, because change starts with any and all of us.

I offer a free 15-minute consultation for new clients because finding the right therapist is important. Feel free to contact me about scheduling, or fill out the online form on my website (https://www.journeycbtcounseling.com/work-with-me).

Please note there may or may not be a waitlist when you reach out. All service is currently virtual due to COVID-19.

Here’s to a better you; which makes a better Us, and a better world.

You are radiant…

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