How often do you feel not good enough? You often feel stuck in the web of self doubt and that hypercritical inner voice. You worry about how others will perceive you and it’s so hard to quiet down your mind. You often put others needs ahead of your own. You may be feeling lost, even afraid, that this is your new reality and you’ve lost the “old you”. You crave a life that is lighter, freer, and more balanced.

If you made it this far, maybe there is a part of that recognizes that there is a possibility that things can be different. If you are looking for a therapist that just gets it— you’re in the right place. Clients that decide to work for me often are trying to learn how to be gentle with themselves in the season they are in. You are worthy of support and starting a journey where you can heal, thrive, and be authentically you. After over six years of individual and group counseling, I have gain expertise in helping Black and Brown women build self compassion and thrive in their goals and dreams.

When was the last time you slowed down and connected with yourself? Lets talk! Consider booking an appointment to set up a FREE consultation call to learn more via my website.

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