Are you a young, Black American or Afro-Caribbean woman who is tired of feeling stressed out, worried, fearful, anxious in social situations, unmotivated, unhappy in your relationships, friendships, or career, and you want more for yourself? Are you reliving unpleasant and traumatic memories from the past, or you feel like a past trauma is showing up in your current life experiences? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to create a new path towards a life you admire where you will feel happier, and experience healthier and stronger relationships.

I am passionate about helping women like you feel whole and in control of life. That's why I became a Licensed Mental Health Therapist & Clinical Hypnotherapist. I use several techniques that involve the mind, body, heart, & soul and are tailored to your specific needs to help you become a whole person including meditation, mindfulness techniques, breathwork, and hypnotherapy to help you find relief from extreme worry and stress, build confidence, overcome fears and phobias, navigate shame and guilt, and move through complex trauma. Let's tackle your concerns together and create a new path where you can achieve the life you truly desire. We can get started today! Lunchtime and evening sessions are available all online for your convenience. I welcome all clients residing in Georgia and Florida, USA.

You can follow me on IG: @humblereflections

You deserve to live a happy & healthy life on your terms! I look forward to working with you soon.

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