236 The Promenade North, Long Beach, California 90802, United States


MORANT CLINICAL SERVICES in Downtown Long Beach, California
Providing Telehealth therapy to adult individuals, couples and families.

We have two Black Females licensed and trained to analyze and strengthen your relationships and to help you like yourself again. We have over 22 years of experience working with complex issues and your sessions will be customized to your concerns.

We cater to the busy professional by offering evening and weekend Telehealth sessions. Our style adjusts to your needs and we walk together to help you manifest your new untroubled life. Allow yourself to take a look at that annoying baggage you brought from your childhood, into adulthood then into your relationships. By the way, what is your plan to prosper in this new world? You must have a viable plan to move, change and maintain purpose to create an exciting life. Let's talk about that and hack out your path. We are ready to hear you and help you rediscover yourself.

Take advantage of our free 15-minute consultation via video. Confidential Platform used. We will answer the phone and schedule you right away.

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