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Have you ever felt lost in life or that you made a wrong turn somewhere along the way? Maybe you have experienced a traumatic life event or your child is having difficulty regulating their emotions…Or perhaps you are disappointed by unfulfilled dreams and desires? I have personally come to believe that you are never truly lost but rather you are right where you are supposed to be in this very moment. Those various things don’t have to determine the state of your emotional wellness nor define you. Those life experiences can somehow work together and lead you to a place of wholeness, if you allow it. Each of our individual journeys to healing look different. My role as your therapist is to hold a creative and safe space for you so you can find your way to it.

I have worked with women and children who are survivors of sexual trauma, human trafficking, child abuse, and victims of crime. I have counseled women who have experienced perinatal loss/infertility challenges, domestic violence, anxiety, and depression. My work with children, teens, and young adults have included addressing the topics surrounding bullying, peer pressure, and self-harming behaviors. I have also worked with children who are diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, and have other behavioral challenges. I help families identify and strengthen the tools they need in order to create an emotionally safe and balanced home.

My work experience with children and adolescents begins at the age of 2 through high school. I believe that children are incredibly resilient and have very unique ways of being present and expressive during play and art therapy. My role is to help hold that creative space for children in session. I work alongside the parents to help them support the needs of their child by sharing information on childhood development and healthy coping skills. I incorporate Play Therapy, Creative Arts Therapy, Sand play Therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness Techniques as part of my therapeutic approach.

I am passionate about supporting women, children, and families and understanding the impact of trauma and shame on our mental health. During my years working as a therapist, my love for this work continues to grows deeper as I journey with my clients through their emotional process. My hope is that even in the most difficult of times you will hold on till the next moment because that next moment can lead YOU to YOUR greatest breakthrough. And, may that next moment also allow you to BE HERE and NOW.

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