Coronavirus. The word has been everywhere for the past months but you haven't really taken it that seriously because it hasn't affected your life but it's starting to. With travel restrictions to Europe, social distancing, and cases increasing daily in the USA, you can feel your own anxiety increasing too. You're starting to feel nervous. You ask yourself questions like "what if there's a quarantine", "what if we get sick"? Each day you wake up with new questions and more anxiety. The anxiety is starting to take over. Your thoughts are starting to race, you can't seem to be able to calm down, and you're starting to feel unsafe.

You want to feel better. To feel in charge of your life, in control of your thoughts, and more grounded. You want to make decisions based on logic and science rather than the fear that appears to have taken over your community.

With easy 24/7 ONLINE scheduling, and the ability to see clients online, I make it easy for you to fit therapy into your life. Getting started is easy: just go to my website (www.smarttalktherapy.com) and schedule your first appointment.

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