I know all too well the feeling of finally having the motivation and courage to begin therapy only to struggle to find someone that looks like someone in your community, who you feel comfortable with and can relate in some capacity to your background without the need for endless over-explanation. It continues to be an honor to provide safe and affirming spaces to my fellow BIPOC sisters. With so many high expectations and burdens often placed on us, I aim to create a space where you feel safe enough to allow me to carry some of that weight with you and explore ways to increase your recovery, healing and wellness because you are deserving of support.

The primary focus of my work with clients has been exploring the ways societal and generational patterns have left impacts that consciously and often unconsciously show up in their daily functioning. I support clients in identifying what activates their inner alarms and how to care for themselves in a way that allows for grace that isn't always afforded to us. While being a support to clients, I am also here to challenge them and engage them in active practice outside of session because there is no forty-five minute magic wand available to create new patterns, beliefs and behaviors.

My experience includes clients presenting with anxiety and depressive symptoms, work burnout, trauma/stressor related issues, bipolar mood disorders, parenting/educator or Autism/ADHD challenges.

Visit our website at sgcounselingnyc.com to schedule a free consultation or email info@sgcounselingnyc.com. I look forward to working with you

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