Do you have trouble separating your needs from the expectations of others? Is it easier to gaslight yourself than end an unhealthy relationship? Are most of your decisions based upon a fear of being rejected or disappointing others? Do you suspect that you’re holding back in most of your platonic and romantic relationships? Like most people, you have probably tried to manage things on your own. You may have the common fear that if you open up to others, you will be a burden. Or, you have been taught from a young age that you must avoid appearing "weak" at all costs. So you've kept it all inside, but it's wearing you down.

Therapy can be a great opportunity to: Gain insight to change unhealthy habits, heal from unprocessed trauma, clarify personal values, and face fears that keep you trapped in unfulfilling relationships with others. I incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy with attachment research to provide a treatment plan that’s unique to each client.

I help clients cope with trauma, reduce anxiety, and enjoy healthier relationships. We will explore how past traumas are impacting the present. You will learn how to identify and express your needs in relationships. And you will feel more prepared to set boundaries and manage guilt. Reach out to set up a free consultation.

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