I understand the challenges and stressors that many us have been facing, doing our best to "push through" so we can blend in with the norms! My work centers individuals during their times of needs by helping them navigate their daily stressors.

I like to call myself a Think Partner, someone who can think it all through with you and guide you to the answers that best serve and restore YOU!

I am Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Registered Yoga and Mindfulness teacher. I work from a mindful-based perspective within various theoretical approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, Mindful Focused Therapy, Strength Based, and Compassion Focused Therapy. My therapeutic style speaks to the needs of my clients because my main focus is objectively being honest and open to ensure transparency.

I have experience working within clinical settings, preventive programs, school based educational and mental health programs, and within the child welfare system. I also have a MS in Mental Health Counseling from Long Island University.

Throughout my career, my work has been focused on youth and adults living with Grief, Anxiety, Depression, Interpersonal/Peer relationship issues, Life Transitions and other severe & persistent mental illnesses. By combining my clinical and yoga/mindfulness knowledge to support individuals on their journey towards wellness, I do my best to ensure my clients have practices that are useful in their day to day lives.

Helping my clients find space within themselves to navigate their happiness, sadness, triumphs, and pain will always be the center of MY work….….one breath at a time.

If anything mentioned resonates with you, email me for a consultation.

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