*Providing therapy online using somatic experiencing to all CA and FL residents* You’re having a hard time keeping it all together. You have always been known as strong, independent, and confident. When others panic in a crisis, you are the one who is calm. Others rely and depend on you. You never let your past trauma define you, and this was a source of pride. The tough exterior, not letting things bother you. But recently you’ve noticed a big shift. Suddenly you feel unsure and vulnerable. More and more is starting to bother you. Maintaining attention and focus is harder. It’s becoming harder for your to function.

You are plagued with fears and uncertainty. From your role as professional, a partner, and even a parent you find yourself overwhelmed with fear. Sometimes this fear is paralyzing and you become stuck. You want to take time off from work but you’re afraid of the loss of your job and income. You’re wanting more support from your partner but you’re paralyzed and can’t ask. As a new mother you feel disconnected from your baby and you are not enjoying motherhood like you thought you would. Worse yet old memories from your own child abuse are starting to creep back into your mind. Into your dreams

There just seems to be a lot going on and you fear that you will break and stay broken forever. You want to feel better, confident, and heal. You feel it’s time! I know reaching out can be really scary so instead of playing phone tag, you can visit my website (jessicalangtherapy.com) and easily schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation.

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