I help survivors of sexual abuse and assault learn to love themselves, find their empowered voice, and create the relationships they want.
whether you are a parent, the parent of a child survivor, or an adult part of healing from sexual abuse is to love yourself and to feel empowered in the the choices that you make, including the relationships that you are in.

You have always felt like you were “weird” and like something is wrong with you. From the thoughts about your appearance to the “strange” thoughts you have to feeling disconnected from your body, you have always felt like you were weird. You try to “hide” these things because you worry that others wont like you. You have always struggled with connecting with others: family members, friends, romantic partners, and even coworkers, which has left you with a small or nonexistent circle of friends. You constantly feel lonely and unloved.

In the past when you have tried to connect with others you have hidden yourself or not spoken up for yourself because you were afraid that the other person would get mad and leave you. You feel ashamed that in past relationships you felt “desperate” or “clingy” and you did things you weren’t proud of to keep your romantic partner from leaving. Sometimes you get stuck ruminating about the past and your stomach starts to hurt and your heart begins to race. Moreover you’re finding that lately you are feeling more and more tense in your body and you can’t seem to relax at all.

Right now you feel stuck in this unhappy “broken” place and you just want to find a sense of inner peace and stability. You want to heal! I know reaching out can be really scary so instead of playing phone tag, you can visit my website (https://jessicalangtherapy.com/contact-me-to-start-healing/) and easily schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation.

Whether you are a soon to be parent or a parent to a new baby you might be struggling during this time due to your past trauma and the effects coming back up again. For many survivors pregnancy can bring on a lot of anxiety which can manifest as nightmares, obsessive thoughts about the bad that could happen, anger about the changes in your body or feeling doubt or regret about the pregnancy as well as the sensations of the baby moving inside making you numb out because you don't like the way it makes you feel. These are all common things that happen during this time but if it goes unchecked it can also impact how you feel about the birth of your baby and the increase your risk of postpartum mental health disorders like depression and anxiety or even place you at risk for having what we call a traumatic birth. Traumatic Births are described by most mothers as births that didn't go as planned where the birthing woman felt unseen, unheard, invalidated, and often intense fear. This is what makes the birth traumatic regardless of what medically happened (for example an emergency C-section).

For some of you parents reading this your child might have been abused. Maybe you were sexually abused as well as a child and you are having a hard time with your own guilt and shame as your child tries to heal. You want to get your child help you never had so they don't have to carry shame and blame into adulthood.

No matter where you are it can be intensely emotional to be a parent who is also a survivor of sexual abuse. It is never to early or too late to start the process of healing. To release some of the pent up pain and rage and release it so your body can be free. I know reaching out can be really scary so instead of playing phone tag, you can visit my website (https://jessicalangtherapy.com/contact-me-to-start-healing/) and easily schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation.

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