Life events and situations can leave us feeling depressed, misunderstood and unmotivated to move forward. Are you struggling with self-doubt or shame? Feeling unsatisfied with how you are living your life? Beliefs about our past, traumas, and unskillful coping skills can slow down our healing process and keep us from being our best self. In our work together, I support your process to unlock patterns and beliefs that leave you feeling stuck.

Together, we can transform unhelpful narratives by getting in touch with your core values. I use approaches from a variety of modalities and work within a range of issues; anxiety, POC identity, depression, creating coping strategies, financial therapy, LGBTQ+ identities and self-image. My therapeutic style embodies warmth and attentiveness.

By honoring all parts of ourselves, we have the ability to take responsibility for how we take up space in this world and have the opportunity to show our whole self, as nothing needs to be left behind. Call or email me to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation.

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