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The world is filled with individuals that, at times, need space held for them to process various aspects of their lives. My primary client focus is adult (21+) women of color who are eager to work on their mental health goals and personal expansion. Through using a variety of treatment methods, I provide guidance, support, and positive regard for those having difficulties navigating relationships (romantic, platonic, professional, and academic).

Part of my process of working with you will be incorporating healthy coping strategies to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms. You will learn how to utilize grounding techniques, become mindful, and implement boundaries across multiple aspects of your life. New boundaries will be key as you make intentional changes throughout your mental health journey. I will also be incorporating cognitive-behavioral treatment, spiritual, and psychodynamic approaches. I also implement Internal Family Systems strategies, which entails acknowledging family patterns and the parts they play in our adult lives, to assist with healing multiple parts of ourselves. I believe in treating the whole person, as we all are multidimensional beings.

Therapy is a highly personal and emotional experience. I strive to provide my clients with a space where they feel safe to open up, be vulnerable, and experience personal expansion. I hope to create a dynamic with you for us to work towards your mental health and personal goals. You and I will take our time, go at your pace, and work together to improve your life.

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