Life can leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves, family, friends, and everything we care about. As your therapist, my job is to provide a safe place where you can reconnect with yourself and your life. I am passionate about working to serve the BIPOC (Black, Brown, & Indigenous People of Color) adult population and helping them to navigate through life. Also, I welcome LBTQIA+ and non-binary individuals.

My focus is on delivering trauma informed care with specific focuses on trauma responses, grief, anger, coping with symptoms, social skills, race related issues, & all things mental health. I also facilitate groups and previously worked as a group leader where I taught individuals about all things mental health.

As a therapist I believe holistic care is important. Together we will address the mind body connection as we work towards healing. My goal is to help you reconnect with your mind and body, and reclaim your peace through counseling. Healing is important, so let's start today and build your life the way you envision it.

***I provide services for the surrounding Atlanta areas as well through online/virtual sessions***

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Sister Circle
Looking for a place where Black women support, uplift, take pride in the culture, embrace their authentic self, and working towards healing together? This group is for you! Sister Circle is created for Black women who are ready to do the work. Focusing topics: generational curses/trauma, relationships, showing up as yourself in a working environment, what it means to do it all, inner child work, and how anxiety/ depression can fester from it. Also, this group will provide psychoeducation into managing anxiety, depression, and reprocessing trauma. This is a virtual group for 8 weeks for ages 25-35. See you in the Circle, Sis!