I am a therapist with over 10 years of experience who both listened and engages with individual. I utilize various approaches to help individuals manage and overcome short term and long term obstacles, including CBT, DBT, and motivational interviewing, among others. My current expertise is centered on providing addiction and mental health counseling to individuals who may have emotional, behavioral, and substance abuse issues.

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    New Hampshire, New York
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    Online Only
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Group Therapy Details

Purpose of Women’s Group: Develop sense of self-worth, understanding the right to have choices, the right to have access to opportunities and resources as others, the right to have power to control own your own lives, both within and outside the home. Develop the ability to influence the direction of change through uplifting others, being supportive, and being understanding, and creating a space for honest and open communication with women just like you.
I would like to provide education, raise awareness, building self-confidence, and most important being a group of women together to be uplifting and encouraging of choices and voices.

Topics Include but not limited too:
• Self-Sacrificing Schema
• Co-dependency and relationships (family role and interpersonal relationships)
• Setting Boundaries and Knowing Your limits
• Healthy relationships and knowing the difference
• The impact of Trauma and how it affects you today
• Building upon self-esteem and confidence while maintaining positive change
• Understanding your mental health and advocating for it
• Identifying Stress Triggers and learning to cope
• Ruminating negative thoughts and how to step away from them
• Identifying and understanding addictive patterns