Hey, I'm Jennifer!

It can sometimes feel like you're experiencing life on repeat, and all that you're wanting is to feel some relief from your current situation. However, when you're on the ride, it feels like you may not have control to slow down or find the best solutions to your situation. Reaching out can feel scary or you may be indecisive about what is the best decision(s) are to make.

I use a combination of Experiential, attachment and trauma informed therapies to help individuals express themselves more effectively. I work with with you to better able to manage the stressful and challenging periods of life by strengthening the relationship to self, your relationship with others, and how you'd like to see them improve.

Life can get hectic! My goal is to turn down the background noise of to make life and relationships easier to navigate. Creating new experiences can be done by helping create agency, safety, and trust that the life and experience you're wanting exists.

If you're interested in beginning, contact me to schedule a 15-minute consultation.

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