You may feel lonely, anxious, stressed, and depressed. It may be hard to have close relationships and friendships in which you feel loved and accepted. You have experienced trauma and find it difficult to cope with the impact. You often feel disconnected from yourself and your body. You want to get to know who you are as well as feel confident and fulfilled. Together, we can hold your experiences and emotions to help you work towards healing, finding peace and meaning. I work with folks who are open to look at how external influences such as colonialism and capitalism have been harmful to them.
I help people co-create a space where healing, change, and accountability occurs. I can help identify what is keeping them from taking consistent action, work through overwhelm and difficult emotions, cultivate healing, and live a life in accordance with their values. I work with different concerns within a social justice and intersectional feminist lens.
I think about my work as helping humans connect back to themselves through their bodies, experiences, and emotions. It excites me to see folks look deeply and untangle their lives from unjust systems, constructs, and ideas to create joy, pleasure, and meaning in the middle of difficult times.

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