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You'll benefit from an individualized therapeutic approach that leads to deeper understanding of mind/body connection, improved ability to regulate emotion, increased ability to manage stress and distress, improved emotional resilience and response to transitions, and increased ability to navigate intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships with resilience. Understanding, resolving and embodying difficult emotional and relational experiences can revolutionize the way you relate to yourself and the world through engaged action (building trust of the self and others, developing autonomy and decreasing concerns with rejection, abandonment or neglect,establishing intimacy and independence etc.). My clients' concerns commonly include, but are not limited to: anxiety, depression, relationship and family problems, parent/child relationship difficulties, divorce and separation adjustment, LGBQ+ experiences, career and personal decisions, grief and other life transitions. Through an engaged process, they gain skills to help resolve life concerns, treat mental health conditions, alleviate distress and improve daily functioning, mood, relationships and more.

I've gained experience in individual counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, person-centered therapy, trauma focused therapy, teaching communication skills and executive function training, family dynamics, and administering clinical diagnostic interviews.

You'll experience me as warm, personable, engaging and energetic, authentic and insightful in my questioning, and a reflective listener who provides an environment conducive to introspective conversation, mutual listening and resolution. Our therapeutic relationship and process will facilitate a complete integration of mind, body, emotions, intention and spirituality and help discovery and facilitation of innate strengths and your greater human capital.

Licensed by both the Washington, DC and Maryland Board of Social Work, I have experience in providing individual and group counseling that centers around trauma, grief, depression, and anxiety. I received my Master of Social work from The Catholic University of America

Contact me at staff@adikacounseling.com or 240-428-0465.

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