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There is a unique story behind every person that details who they are today. When you reflect on your story, you may experience feelings of sadness, grief, shame or anxiety. You look at others and are constantly wondering “how do they keep it all together” or “I wish my story resembled his or/hers.”

The truth is no one’s story is unscathed and no one rides for free.

My name is Jenet Dove and I enjoy working closely with individuals who struggle with anxiety, depression, shame and difficult thoughts.

Events from our past cause us to struggle with managing our thoughts and emotions. We hide behind our accomplishments and achievements or maybe use food and alcohol to cope with those unpleasant thoughts and emotions. Ultimately, we are not living in accordance with our values, and each day we feel stuck or stray further and further away from the story we want to create for ourselves.

My practice offers compassionate and authentic psycho-therapeutic services in a nurturing, safe and collaborative environment. My ultimate goal is to guide you through appropriate processes and techniques to help you gain clarity and emotional balance. Together, we will discover the ideal catalyst for change in order to re-create or re-direct your current life story.

I primarily utilize person-centered techniques to build a strong foundation for our therapeutic relationship. Depending on your needs, I will follow this approach by drawing from cognitive-behavior therapy, existential therapy, attachment theory, and/or solution-focused therapy.

In addition to working with Individuals, I find great fulfillment providing services to couples who are committed to their relationship and/or marriage but may be in need of solutions for navigating difficulties in communication, finances, intimacy, boundaries and general conflict resolution. I also provide pre-marital services for those who are soon to be married. During Couples sessions, I utilize the Gottman Model among other effective marital therapy approaches.

Please reach out today to schedule your initial consultation. I look forward to working with you!

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