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Balance: How to get that back is what we focus on at The Legacy Therapy Group. You have to be willing to identify or trace back where things got off track. Your triggers, what makes you feel backed against a wall, frozen, or stuck. Thoughts, feelings, behaviors all have the capacity to change, but can you accept that? Would you prefer a life where things constantly felt "off" and you weren't your best self? And it shows up in many areas of your life. It's not living in the past, but knowing what balance means to you and you are able to be open for growth, communication, space, acceptance for yourself, and others. To live balanced.

Trained in EFT, I work with couples stuck in unhealthy communication patterns by helping them to develop secure attachments and safety in their relationships. I use CBT, Narrative, and SFBT, for those who are ready for future change. Are you ready to adjust your negative thought pattern? Do you need to rewrite your story? What is your best hope for tomorrow?

My ideal clients are ready to move forward, by first recognizing their resiliency. Through our work together, I help you identify your strengths, remembering those emotions that can lead to growth, and the ability to return to a place of balance, structure, and empowerment.

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