Anxiety and perfectionism have you feeling like you can't relax. Any time it feels like life is about to fall apart, you have a panic attack. No one knows the stress you carry because you seem to have it all together. Being driven has led to you being overworked and feeling like you will never be enough.
I am Jeanetta Garrison, a compassionate therapist who helps high achievers quiet their inner critic. I will help you break things down, organize the jumbled thoughts and really understand the anxiety so you can release it and no longer be walled off from the world because of fear. Together, we will not only uncover, but also challenge, the fears that lie beneath your worries. It's time for you to feel empowered, seeing your true strengths instead of buying into the self doubt and negative thoughts that flood your mind.
If you are a go-getter, perfectionist who struggles with anxious thoughts, tension in your body, and feeling like you can never do or be enough, contact me to discuss how therapy can help you settle into confidence and stop the anxiety from ruling your mind. Visit my website to schedule your complimentary consultation today!

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The Meaningful Connections Collective is a community created for Black women to explore the joys and challenges that come along with the gift of friendship.

Topics include: friendship break-ups, nurturing friendships while adulting, evaluating current friendships, exploring core beliefs about friendships with other Black women, and cultivating new substantive friendships.

This group is a safe space for participants to get what they need, so other topics may arise and are welcome.

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