Jazmyne Thomas is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker located in CA. Jazmyne is passionate about providing affirming mental health services to clients of diverse backgrounds, identities, and situations. Jazmyne specializes in supporting clients who are in non-traditional relationships, which can include polyamory or consensual/ethical non-monogamy. Jazmyne also enjoys helping sex workers, members of the the LGBTQ commnity, and single-by-choice women grow their mental health and resilience. Many of Jazmyne’s clients seek a supportive, compassionate therapist who can help them explore who they are, what their life priorities are, and how to engage in healthy relationships.

Jazmyne leads individual sessions, couples sessions, group workshops, retreats, and more. Clients can talk openly about their lives without fear of judgment, as Jazmyne creates a safe, respectful atmosphere in each therapy session where clients feel comfortable with vulnerability. Jazmyne encourages clients to explore their backgrounds, what led them to key decisions in their lives, and past relationships to make sense of their current situations. Clients also learn helpful tools from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based therapy, and somatic experience, all of which give them strategies for when they’re feeling overwhelmed. With partners, Jazmyne utilizes The Gottman Method, a couples therapy technique widely used to help couples grow closer together.

Jazmyne earned a Master’s degree in Social Work and has nearly ten years of experience supporting clients. As a sex therapist, Jazmyne is a down-to-earth, compassionate therapist who values the chance to release clients from societal expectations so they can live authentically and joyfully.

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