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Licensed professional looking to work with individuals and couples in non-traditional relationships and lifestyles. I assist individuals who struggle to navigate the pressures of our society and help them deconstruct a lot of the learned ideas and behaviors that present conflict in the lives of those who do not find joy in the predetermined “traditional lifestyle” set out by our society.

I have a background in child and family development and social work. These two fields of study and the experience that came along with them, have helped me to understand family dynamics and family systems that not only involve individuals, parents and couples, but inform how children and other family members impact, and are impacted by family dynamics.

My experience working with parents and families has shown me how vastly unique each family unit and individual member is, despite overarching similarities (i.e single parent household, two father household, middle child, etc.). My studies and experience also inform me of how interconnected romantic relationships and the success of them serve as a strong protective factor for every person in the family unit.

My social work studies and experience helps me understand how a lot of our joy, happiness and peace is often stifled and robbed by societal expectations. Many individuals, couples and families are much happier when they are able to live and love freely without constraint and the worry of the world's judgements/opinions. When each person (whether separate or in conjunction with a partner or family unit) can live in their truth as their authentic selves free of shame, fear or judgement, I find that those people are the happiest among us.

Below is a non-comprehensive list of some of the individuals and Couples who may find value in my services:

`Sex Positive Persons
`Members of marginalized groups (Black people, people of color, members of the LGBQTIA community, women, and persons with disabilities)
`Women who do not desire romantic partnerships, marriage or child rearing/bearing
`Ethical Non-Monogamous Couples
`Polyamorous Couples
`Sex Workers

As your therapist I seek to help you (individually or alongside your partner or family) explore your needs and desires in a way that elevates your self-esteem and happiness, and improves relationship satisfaction.

Let me help you uncover and venture onto the path to your true self where you are able to engage in fulfilling, reciprocal and loving relationships with yourself and others.

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