Life can be challenging and sometimes we are told to be strong despite these hard times. Some are taught a definition of being strong is to act like you’re okay, even when you really want to go hide. Or some are taught to pretend you have it all in order, although you really feel lost, stuck, or confused on what is your next step. Many are taught to keep pushing and move past things, not knowing moving past leads to suppression that will surface later on in life rather we want it to or not. I am passionate about helping others through such difficult times and encourage them to process the past while also working on the present.

By engaging in services, we as a team can work on you identifying skills to help you cope with negative emotions, while also working on enjoying the present and achieving your desired life goals. Working on accepting the things you cannot change, while having the courage and support to change the things you can will be my foundation while helping you.

I understand starting therapy can be intimidating. Due to this I pride myself on creating a judgement free environment, where you are welcomed to emotionally process. I am empathetic and understand making changes in life is a journey. I hope you will allow me to support you therapeutically along this journey.

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