Are you feeling overwhelmed, in a “funk”, lonely, or out-of-sorts? Do you feel sadness or anxiety from past experiences or current events? Maybe it’s hard to even pinpoint why you’re feeling the way you are? Starting therapy or re-starting with a new therapist can be hard, especially when you are struggling with life's curveballs. You may be worried that you’ll have to feel feelings or re-live traumas you’ve worked hard to avoid. While I can’t promise that therapy will be easy, I can promise that I will provide you with a safe space, free of judgment, where I will help you learn to slowly approach and process what is hard for you to hold on your own. I create real connections with my clients that help them feel safe to explore the past, be in the present, and work towards a brighter future. There is hope!

I’ll help you connect to your core self through several different therapy modalities that include CBT and a strength-based approach. My work is client-centered and insight-oriented. I love helping people gain a greater understanding of themselves because it helps them boost confidence and figure out what negative patterns or beliefs they need to pay attention to and change.

A path forward, towards a life you want to live, does exist. In our sessions we’ll navigate your challenges and define what feeling better looks like for you. Therapy is different for everyone, so I work with you to individualize a therapy that helps you find confidence, live more fully in the present, and take the steps to have a more balanced life.

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